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We are the first Military inspired project in the NFT space, welcome! This project has been initiated by 3 Australian Veterans with a passion for connecting Veterans, Veteran owned businesses and true supporters. All are welcome to become part of this movement to create lasting change and endless opportunities for key investors and respected Veterans.

We value community. We value fairness. We value equal opportunity. Our mission is to give back to the Veteran community while also allowing everyone the opportunity to become part of something larger than life.

The core purpose we wish to fulfill is providing investment staking pools opportunities and job opportunities for veterans and investors in our project. Our aim is to give back to the community and create opportunities for Veterans, families of Veterans and supporters to break into a new and exciting space (that is NFT’s and the crypto world) while receiving the benefits of real life utility and real change.

To unite, support and give back to the Veteran community while showcasing the most valuable attributes we have learned from our time in service for the world to see.
We want to rewrite the narrative for Veterans coming home from war, returning to their families or trying to enter a workforce they may have never been in before.


Stage 1

The Launch

    - Launch Wardogs on major social platforms

    - Open and establish the Whitelist

    - Opportunities for collaborations

    - Public sale of remaining NFT's in the WARDOGS collection

Stage 2

HODL Perks and Community Focus

    - Massive giveaways and perks for HODLers and key investors

    - Merchandise line revealed and available for purchase

    - Choose your perks: multiple opportunities for HODLers to receive intrinsic value and rewards as part of the project


    - Boat charter on WARDOGS charter boat out of Cairns, Qld

    - Tattoo session with Doddy_Tattoos out of Loco Tattoo, Gold Coast, Qld

    - Major Discounts

Stage 3

Giveaways and Incubation

    - Bitcoin and Rolex giveaways! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

    - Surprise giveaways from veteran-owned businesses

    - Exclusive HODL and Discord Members only experiences

    - Purchase of the Wardogs Boat!

    - The Project will provide job opportunities for veterans while members of our community will receive generous benefits and giveaways

Stage 4

Collection 2 Launch and Real Life Utility

    ⁃ Our 2nd Collection will launch with the announcement of new partnerships

    ⁃ 3D Collection established

    ⁃ Holders of 3 collection one WARDOGS will be airdropped one collection two WARDOGS.

    ⁃ Public sale of Collection 2

    - Giveaways to community

    - DAO created

Stage 4 sees the beginning of our tokenized community wide initiatives. HODLers and Veterans in the Wardogs project will become key stakeholders while being part of a worldwide initiative to create job opportunities for veterans. Our project will reach far beyond the NFT space as we plan to create lasting impact for Mental Health for Veterans and families, Emergency Response Support, bridging the gap from service to work and holding space for real conversations about community, life and mindset through our media presence and influence.

Become part of the movement now!

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